Have you ever wondered what happens inside the world of an abandoned video game? All those NPCs with their artificial lives…what happens to them after the game is powered off for that final time?

Village Monsters is an relaxing village life-sim set in one such forgotten world.

Trailer footage from the Alpha demo


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My name is Josh, and this is Village Monsters, a life-sim game very much in the style of Animal Crossing, with visual & tonal inspiration from the Mother series.

Village Monsters is set inside the world of an abandoned video game. Over time, the monsters that served as enemies in what was once a generic fantasy RPG grew tired of all the waiting around, and eventually decided to abandon the whole ‘bad guy’ thing entirely.

They’ve thrown away their axes and fireball spells and now live a peaceful life in a sleepy little village in the ‘country’.

You are a player booting up the game for the first time in decades, finding yourself as the sole human living among this village of (mostly) affable monsters.


Kick your feet up and put down roots in this cozy monstrous village. Here’s a partial list of features and fun things you can expect to enjoy!

  • Personalize your very own home with furniture, decorations, and upgrades. Hang up new wallpaper! Plant a garden! Sit atop a strange golden throne you found in the woods!
  • Pick up a new hobby, like archaeology, critter collecting, cooking, or fishing, then donate your findings to the Historical Society
  • Meet dozens of whimsical villagers each with their own personalities, schedules, and problems to solve
  • Leave your mark on the village by unlocking new buildings, fixing up infrastructure, and customizing different aspects
  • Discover something new every day! The calendar is packed with events & holidays, and you won’t have a problem filling your daily routine with shopping, watching TV, writing letters, and much more
  • Explore a bizarre digital land that’s been forgotten and transformed by its abandonment
  • Bring back treasures and trophies from your expeditions to decorate your home with
  • Experience total immersion thanks to a robust day/night cycle, seasonal changes, and dynamic weather
  • Unravel a unique story in a world where everything is contextualized with lore and history
  • Enjoy the deep satisfaction of dog ownership
  • Uncover strange mysterious, solve riddles, and puzzle out puzzles
  • Complete a massive compendium to track all your collectibles, secrets, and triumphs


Village Monsters is releasing to PC / Mac / Linux in October, 2018

It’s a rough version that’s not fit for a wide audience, but it’s updated every month or two with new features, content, bug fixes, and kisses on the cheek. Check it out if you like to follow along a game as it’s being developed.


I’m very active on Twitter, so if that’s your thing too then I’d love to have you follow along.

There’s also email (josh@warpdogs.com). Beyond that, there’s lot of other choices!

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Finally, if you think about it there’s really just a finite number of humans out there, so if we both talk to enough of them then we’ll eventually find each other. I look forward to seeing you!

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