Village Monsters is OUT NOW on all platforms and storefronts!

Village Monsters is OUT NOW on all platforms and storefronts!

Hello Villagers!

You’d have to be pretty incompetent to forget to update your own website about your game launch…

*ahem* Well! Better late than never.

Village Monsters officially released on November 12th, but depending on your platform or storefront it may have taken a bit longer than that. I ended up staggering each release to make it easier for me to support and manage. You know the phrase “not my first rodeo”? Well, this is my first rodeo, and I didn’t want to get bucked off the bull.

I’m happy to report that Village Monsters is out for everything now. Windows, Mac, and Linux? Yep, all supported. Steam,, and GameJolt? Them too!

Early Access means that launch day is the just start of a new and even more exciting journey. As I’ve mentioned previously I’m planning to remain in Early Access for about a year – and I plan for it to be a very busy and productive year at that. In the 2 weeks since launch I’ve already released five patches with a big update on the way on Wednesday, November 27th.

I’m really happy with where things are at right now. Hopefully going forward I’ll be a bit better at keeping this site updated…

Thank you to everyone – Kickstarter supporters, Twitter followers, friends, family, all of you – for your love and support. Village Monsters would be nothing without you, and I’ll never forget that.

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