New Patch: Early Access v0.75.2

New Patch: Early Access v0.75.2

Hello Villagers!

A big release is always a magnet for new bugs, and yesterday’s update was no different. Today’s patch is a hotfix to address all the bugs that were reported (mostly cutscene related) in the last 24 hours.

As always, a huge thank you to all the players who reported bugs via Discord and email!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed major crash when a cutscene is triggered during a room transition. The cutscene will now wait until a room transition is completed before triggering
  • Fixed a major issue where a cutscene would freeze or crash during the cleanup phase
  • Fixed major issue causing some cutscenes to have enormously large pauses between actions
  • Fixed major issue that was corrupting gardens and resulting in unpredictable behavior, including crashes
  • Corrupted plants are lost forever, but they’ve been replaced by a mutated Uhoh Plant that you can sell for a high price as way of apology
  • Fixed a potentially major issue that could result in stabled critters from also being corrupted. There were no reports of this, but this should prevent it from happening in the future
  • Fixed a number of collision issues (including getting stuck) when fishing against objects
  • Fixed a number of embarrassing typos. Story of my life

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