Village Monsters is a relaxing town life game set in the world of a forgotten video game. You play as the sole human living in a community of (mostly) friendly monsters. 

PC, Mac, Linux
RELEASE (Early Access)
November 12th, 2019
Josh Bossie


Key Features

A Monstrous Community

  • Befriend dozens of whimsical monster villagers, each with their own personalities, interests, and problems to solve.
  • Unravel unique personal stories as you build friendships and learn the history of the village and its inhabitants.
  • Purchase a fixer-upper and build it up into your very own comfy-cozy homestead.

Relaxing, Open-Ended Gameplay

  • Pursue several laid-back hobbies like treasure hunting, creature collecting, mushroom gardening, and fishing.
  • Engage in a variety of daily tasks and activities. Earn money with a part time job, participate in events and holidays, or go adventuring with your villager friends.
  • Complete a massive journal that tracks all your collectibles, challenges, and achievements.

A Living World

  • Explore vast areas outside the village ranging from vibrant forests, arctic deserts, enchanting lakes, and ruins of a best forgotten empire.
  • Discover a simulated world with its own rules and interactions. Shifting weather patterns, seasonal changes, and realistic creature behaviors makes the world come alive.
  • Solve world-spanning puzzles and uncover hidden secrets as you piece together an overarching mystery.
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Josh Bossie was established 32 years ago in a Maine-area hospital on a cold December day. Since then he has moved to Seattle, WA, and in January 2017 began work on his debut game, Village Monsters.

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