New Major Patch: Early Access 0.72.5b!

New Major Patch: Early Access 0.72.5b!

Hello Villagers!

Welcome to version 0.72!

This release was originally going to focus only on home and village improvements, but I somewhat accidentally found myself hunting and destroying dozens of bugs instead.

Frankly, all this bugfixin’ work was long overdue, so I decided to change gears and make it my new priority for this update. In total I fixed around 50 bugs which should go a long way to making the game feel more stable and professional. I’ll continue working on home / town building in the next release.

Anyway, here are the full patch notes!

Home Improvement & Town Building

  • Vastly improved the look of the player house exterior and surrounding area
  • Redid the interior (tileset and furniture) of the player home
  • Redesigned and moved shops on main street to prepare them for future upgrades
  • New Homestead Upgrade: Clean out the polluted pond so you can use it for fishing
  • New Homestead Upgrade: You can now move your garden from Agrarian Acres to just outside your house
  • Added a new system that can change the look and feel of the village as it evolves over time
  • The village is now evaluated and ranked each week. Speak with Jaclyn in Town Hall for more info

Graphics & UI

  • Redesigned and improved many of the buildings and decor of Main Street
  • Added chimney smoke effects to buildings in the village
  • Added a large number of new external lanterns and street lights
  • Improved interior lighting of many villager homes
  • Improved the look and colorization of the interior tileset
  • Improved the shadowing for trees and other vegetation
  • Improved the look of “New Dialogue” notification
  • Improved the look of room transitions
  • Improved camera movement when used in cutscenes
  • Improved dialogue box movement in cutscenes

New & Improved Features

  • Modified the fishing minigame so that the hit bar doesn’t shrink as much
  • Drastically improved how ‘flavor critters’ (like butterflies, squirrels) look and behave
  • It now takes substantially longer to unearth treasure if you’re exhausted (eat or nap to get rid of it!)
  • Added a number of new Critters and Fish to catch
  • You are no longer able to move away from a conversation if there are dialogue choices coming up – this solves a few bugs
  • You can now speak to an NPC during part time jobs to hear tips or quit early
  • Drastically improved state management to smooth things out and prevent you from being ‘stuck’ in a specific state (eg., being stuck in the casting rod animation)

Game Feel

  • Improved player collision. In general, collision should feel cleaner and less fragile
  • Your energy is restored to full when starting a tutorial from the job board

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed crash related to UI elements dimming in cutscenes
  • Fixed a crash relating to sending following critters back home
  • Fixed crash related to certain cutscenes
  • Fixed crash when backing out gift selection when writing a letter
  • Fixed a major issue in which the camera could become “detached” from the player during some room transitions
  • Fixed a major issue in which you could bypass certain areas by walking through them mid-conversation
  • Fixed a major issue in which cancelling a letter would cause the gamepad keyboard to display and be unable to dismiss
  • Fixed several major issues that resulted in becoming “stuck” after certain transitions (cutscenes, jobs, new areas)
  • Fixed a large number of situations in which you could sequence break while performing an odd job
  • Fixed jittery collision when performing a job or chore
  • Fixed issue where exterior lighting would appear to change during a cutscene
  • Fixed some jerkiness / stuttering during cutscene and job transitions
  • Fixed issue where players could still move / act during a cutscene
  • Fixed issue where players could move while during an area transition and cause it to abort
  • Fixed incorrect door collision
  • Fixed notes not having a dialogue portrait
  • Fixed large number of state-related bugs
  • Fixed large number of issues related to purchasing a new home
  • Fixed a few weird issues (like orphaned pixels) in the interior tileset
  • Fixed collision issues near the Balefire Beach entrance
  • Fixed gaps in collision around the edges of Balefire Beach
  • Fixed certain UI elements not dimming during area transitions
  • Fixed a number of debug commands that were erroneously enabled
  • Fixed player house from erroneously changing sprites at night
  • Fixed issue where homestead upgrades could appear missing upon entering the area
  • Fixed a number of issues with the interior of the player home
  • Fixed an issue where the player house would not update to a “fixed up” sprite after purchasing
  • Fixed issue where buying a house put you severely in debt
  • Fixed layering of the Donkey Fly critter
  • Fixed an issue where UI elements would appear partly transparent
  • Fixed collision bug in Carefree Crossroads that would cause you to get stuck between a tree and a hard place
  • Fixed issue where a temporary ‘ghost’ item could appear after making a purchase
  • Fixed issue where players could release critters that are currently following them
  • Fixed a number of discrepancies between gamepad controls across PS4 / Switch / Xbox controllers
  • Fixed a large number of lingering issues with flavor creatures (like butterflies, squirrels, and other critters you can’t catch)
  • Fixed a lack of title on the Villager page of your journal
  • Fixed an issue where placeholder items from the bakery, Pots n’ Pies
  • Fixed issue that was causing weeds to be surprisingly tricky to pick
  • Fixed incorrect control labels
  • Fixed issue where mail was still being delivered to the mailbox outside of Overflow even after moving into a new house
  • Fixed a number of instances of text overextending beyond the dialogue box
  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Various other misc. technical and stability improvements

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